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Motocross Cornering Tips

Motocross Cornering Tips

From the speed to the jumps, it’s no wonder motocross has gained popularity as a fun sport full of action. When you are first starting out riding, you will need a few pointers on cornering as this is often one of the harder aspects for new riders to master. Let’s take a look at the top 10 motocross cornering tips to help you ride your best ride.

  1. Know the three main parts of effective cornering: The main parts of motocross cornering are the entrance, the roll, and the exit. You want to make sure the entrance is clean and steady because that is the foundation of the whole move. If you come in shaky or wobbling, it will be nearly impossible to recover that as you go into the roll. The roll is important because that is what keeps your momentum going during the ride. The exit is important so you can make the jump. It is important to break up your training to focus on these three areas as the foundation of cornering.

  2. Don’t come in too hot: One of the most important motocross cornering tips is to know the right speed you can comfortably ride in when doing this maneuver. If you come in too fast, you will have a harder time moving into the roll and keeping your balance. On the flip side, this doesn’t mean go so slow that staying upright becomes a challenge. You have to find the right speed for you to stay in control and stable without going too fast. This will take practice to find the right balance.

  3. Don’t brake as you enter the roll: Another one of the most useful motocross cornering tips is don’t brake when you enter the roll. Not only does this slow you down which will impact your overall speed in a timed event, but it can also lead to a sudden jerk which throws off your balance if you hit the brakes too hard. You should also keep in mind that on a roll, you want speed so you can get in and get out as fast as possible to get back out there.

  4. Keep the throttle smooth: You want to keep the throttle consistent when cornering. If you ease up while in a roll, you lose speed and it creates a jerkiness when you try to add more throttle as the bike accelerates. The key is to keep the throttle even and consistent throughout the entire roll which is why it’s so important to practice finding a comfortable speed when you first enter as mentioned above.

  5. Keep your head up: The head can be one of the most important part of cornering and you need to master this element to ensure a smooth, consistent roll and exit. You want to keep your head up instead of looking down at the ground or the handlebars. It is a good idea to keep your eyes locked in on a certain spot while riding and then keep the head position the same on the turns or when you lose sight of it. A good trick is to find an object which you spot from all sides of the roll, such as a line of flags, line of trees, or other items all along the same point of reference and keeping your eyes there during the entire roll until you exit. Most riders slowly learn to slightly turn the head while cornering without losing their fixed spot to keep a straight line, but this will take practice like anything else in motocross riding.

  6. Get the foot back on the peg: One of the most important motocross cornering tips is to get your foot back on the peg as soon as you exit. When you are riding the roll, you keep your foot out and straight to lean into the centrifugal force for a smooth ride. When you exit, you need to immediately pick up the pace and cover some ground so you need to get your foot back on the peg and gas as fast as possible when exiting. This will take some practice but it is definitely an endeavor worth perfecting as a dirt bike rider.

  7. Keep your arms up: When doing cornering, the arms play a big role and you need to get it right because it helps you balance and have more control. The easiest way to give up balance and control is to keep the arms straight and elbows locked. This creates tension in your arms which will wear you down throughout the ride. You want to keep your arms up and elbows bent when cornering since it will offer more control, balance, and comfort over keeping them locked in straight on the handlebars. Your arms should make a square against the handlebars with elbows up for the best results.

  8. Squeeze your knees: You want to grip the bike with your knees when riding to create a connection between rider and bike which adds to stability and control. Many riders think the tightest grip should be between the arms and the handlebar, but the tighter you connect the knees to the bike, the looser you can play it on the handlebar which will be more comfortable and give better steering control.

  9. Stick to the line: Once you choose the line you are going to ride, don’t hesitate or back out for a different line. The most important thing is to get in the line, hit your targets, and then get out and tackle the rest of the course. Regardless of which line you choose, it’s just another chance to master these techniques to ensure a solid entrance, roll, and exit.

  10. Keep practicing: When you look at the successful riders in motocross, the ride looks flawless and effortless when done by a master. It is important to keep in mind that the pros are pros because they put in the time and effort to master their moves. If you want to get to that level, you need to practice these techniques repeatedly until you get it down pat. While practice doesn’t always make perfect as the saying goes in the sometimes unpredictable sport of motocross, practice certainly helps.